by Redd Lettaz

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Redd Lettaz latest LP Pentheo is by far a very risqué project to introduce to new listeners. Full of the emotional ups and downs and personal scenarios that could render you either uncomfortable, remorseful or bring you to self evaluation. Pentheo, is a the strongest greek word for “mourning” and the content of this project was inspired by the unexpected Lost of Redd Lettaz wife and the process of grief that it brought this artist. Redd Lettaz creative production, animated delivery and lyricism was not dampened but indeed INTENSIFIED even in the mist of sharing his painful story. With songs such as the opener “Redd Rumm” where the lyrical tone of the album was set and afterwards cemented by the follow up “Invincible!!!” Redd Lettaz begins to lure his audience in with his signature witty punchlines and patterns. As the album moves forward you began to hear him address other areas of grief such as the random police shootings and brutality in “#Revolution” or “tha mission” . He also goes into the art of storytelling with songs like “Esrever” (which is “Reverse” written in, well, reverse) or “Tha Vicexxx” where Redd Lettaz expresses distain for running to a “woman” to ease the pain of grief despite knowing the “relationship” is toxic. This Project presents many musical gems not only from the lyrical content and production of Redd Lettaz but also with production from Focus…, NyTro, and Daniel steele as well as appearances by Sha stimuli, J.Griff, Jonathan Baker, Tommy Rxckit, and Micheal white Jr..This album sonically is a breath of fresh air in a world of machine gunned programed hi hats and over saturated 808 sounds. with soundbites from his late wife that add as a testament to their love and the determent of Redd Lettaz lost this album appears to be a purging of all his emotions articulated in a very unforgiving yet poetic artsy way yet, it doesn’t end without the ode of triumph in the lively celebratory tune “Alive” featuring vocalist Adrianne Archie. This LP is a movie filled with love, tragedy, confusion, reassurance and victory and challenges the listener to dig empathetically not just into Redd Lettaz world but into their own.


released December 19, 2016


Redd Rumm (Intro)
produced by Focus…
Written by Redd Lettaz
recorded at: Adullam’s Cave

Produced & written by Redd Lettaz
recorded at: Adullam’s Cave

Tha Mission Featuring J.Griff
Produced by Focus…
written by Redd Lettaz & J.Griff
Recorded at: Salem psalms studios

#Revolution Featuring Sha Stimuli
Produced By Redd Lettaz
Written by Redd Lettaz & Sha Stimuli
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios
Bass: Darell Campbell Jr.

Myn How Ya Tawk Featuring Focus…
Produced By:Focus… Co Produced by: Redd Lettaz
Written by Redd Lettaz & Focus…
Recorded at Salem Psalms studios

Esrever Feat. Michael White Jr.
Produced by : Focus…
Written by: Redd Lettaz & Michael White Jr.
additional Vocals: Michael White Jr.
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios

Chapter 16 Feat. Johnathan Baker
Produced By Redd Lettaz Co Produced By Focus…
written By Redd Lettaz
additional Vocals: Johnathan Baker
Poem performed by: Joyia Kelly
Speech By: Johnson Bowie
Piano and strings arrangements : NyTro
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios

Tha Voicezzz
Produced By Redd Lettaz
Written by Redd Lettaz
speech By: Johnson Bowie
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios

Pentheo Feat. Tommy Rxckit
Produced by Redd Lettaz & Focus...
Written By: Redd Lettaz
additional Vocals: Tommy Rxckit
Speech: Bryan Carter
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios

Tha Vicexxx
Produced By: NyTro & Redd Lettaz
Written By: Redd Lettaz
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios

D@nc3z W1t Gl1tch3z Feat. Tommy Rocket
Produced by Daniel Steele & Redd Lettaz
written by: Redd Lettaz & Tommy Rxckit
Additional Vocals: Daniel Steele, Tommy Rxckit & Focus…
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios

Produced by: Redd Lettaz
Written By: Redd Lettaz
Drums: Tommy Rxckit
Recorded at: Adullam’s Cave

Dealing Pt. 1 & 2 Feat. Sean C. Johnson
Produced By Daniel Steele & Redd Lettaz
Written by: Redd Lettaz & Sean C. Johnson
Recorded at: Salem Psalms studios

Alive Feat. Adrianne Archie
Produced By: Focus… & Bink
Written By: Redd Lettaz & Adrianne Archie
Recorded at: Adullam’s Cave

All Songs Mixed By Focus…

Executive Produced: Redd Lettaz & Focus…


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